High Quality Cannon Sprayers

You can purchase cannon sprayers of the highest quality from Genius Landini. As experts in providing top agricultural equipment, we focus on offering our clients effective solutions that will enhance their business.

We have been operating for over 15 years, and deal with clients with a wide range of crops in high value areas such as Hekpoort, Tarlton, Skeerpoort, Brits and Krugersdorp.

If you are considering adding a cannon sprayer to your equipment, then our Jacto cannon sprayers are the ideal option. These sprayers are perfect for vegetables, nurseries, berries, Christmas trees, pumpkins, sweet corn, wheat and a whole lot more.

They can also be used when applying herbicides on pastures, as well as desiccants and defoliants on mechanically harvested crops – such as cotton fields. A cannon sprayer can also ensure that you control flies, which is perfect for poultry, dairy and feedlot operations.

Our Jacto cannon sprayers are so effective; you can essentially see it as the combination of an airplane application with the efficiency of a boom sprayer. How it works is the spray solution is delivered by high pressure air stream, which creates fine droplets that can penetrate even the densest foliage.

Choosing to go with a cannon sprayer also has incredible savings both in time and money. You can see spraying time reduced by up to 75%, while you will also save on chemical usage as you will use 50% less than hand spraying! Over the course of a year, you will see drastic changes in cost and work time.

Genius Landini offers nine different models to choose from, including a larger trailer-mounted option, meaning that we can cater for crops of various sizes. To find out more about these cannon sprayers and how it could benefit your farm, contact a consultant at Genius Landini today and they will provide further assistance.

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