Find the Spare Parts you are looking for at Genius Landini

Searching for landini spare parts should a relatively easy task. Finding the correct parts though can knock the grain out of your tractor. At Genius Landini we are dedicated in helping you find tractor spare parts looking for.  Landini tractors are one of a kind and require only original spare parts to ensure that the machine performs at optimum level. Like any other business, farming requires consistency, both from your work force and your workhorses to achieve the desired results.

Our landini spares come with a 10 year guarantee that will give your machine reliability as well as efficiency. Your landini will never breakdown or be in need of constant servicing and your operations won’t be hampered. To eliminate shoddy aftermarket products landini parts are manufactured at the same time as the tractor itself, assuring you of A-grade goods.

Landini spare parts are produced in Italy and are therefore difficult if not almost impossible to copied and remade. We are a certified lanidini parts distributor. With an extensive range of components such as; starters, hydraulic pumps, seats all the way to friction plates. If you can think of it, we have at Genius Landini.  With a proven track record and history of 15 years service in the agricultural industry, we are one of the leading suppliers of farming equipment.  We have stores located in Tarlton, Magaliesburg, Brits and Thabazimbi.

Spare parts for such intricate machines can be unkind to the pocket. So we always make sure that they are affordable and of the highest quality. Giving you value for money. Our turnaround time for all parts delivery is 24 hours and we have a ratio of above 95% in terms of being able to meet our clients’ demands. We aim at developing and improving our services in order to be able to meet and exceed the needs of the agricultural community that we serve, essentially those with landini tractors. For more information about landini spare parts contact us for rates and availability.

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